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Why should I join Great Lakes Yacht Club?

GLYC has a premier location in the heart of the Nautical Mile with easy access to Lake St.Clair and a diverse membership of sail and power boaters. We offer a family-friendly environment with great amenities at an affordable price.

Are guests allowed?

Yes. Your guests (including your married children and grandchildren) are welcome to accompany you anytime you are at the club.

Is there an annual work requirement for members?

No. We have a dedicated Club Manager and there is no work requirement.  However, we do encourage members to support the club’s activities by volunteering on our various committees.

Do you have a restaurant?

We offer galley service in season on Saturdays and Sundays for breakfast and lunch, dine-in or take-out. There are also many restaurants and several breweries within easy walking or biking distance from the club.

Do you have a bar?

The club is BYOB, which our members seem to prefer. In season, members gather on Saturdays for cocktail hour.

How do I use the self-service pump-out? Is it really free? 

The pump-out is free for members’ boats and is available 24/7 so can be used any time during the week. There is an online signup with 30 minute time slots during weekends and holidays to minimize traffic in the harbor. 

Do you allow dogs?  If so, what are the rules?

Member's dogs are allowed at the club and may be transported from member’s car to boat and dog relief area on a leash or in its own pet cart. Guests cannot bring dogs to the club.

Is there year-round access to the clubhouse and boats?

We never really close down so you always have access to your boat and the clubhouse.  There are typically parties and occasionally seminars during the off season.

How does the "point" system work and what is the purpose of the points?

Points are earned for active and social membership. Additionally, points can be earned for service on the Board of Directors and the club's various committees. Points are used in determining well assignments.

How does winter storage work?

The winter storage fee includes haul-out, bottom wash and launch in the spring as well as outdoor winter storage. Our Harbormaster will approve the cradle or jack stands for safety reasons and transfers the boats from hoist to timbers for winter storage. Shrink wrapping services are available in the area.

How do you arrange to use the club Sonar sailboats? Is it really free?

You can call the Club Manager to arrange for a sailing instruction course or get checked out by one of our member instructors before taking out a club boat. Club boats may be signed out for three hours on a first come, first serve basis. There is no fee to use them and they are maintained by the club.

How do I get involved with a particular committee?

The Club Manager has a list of all our committee chairpersons and members. You may also mention your interest to anyone on the Board of Directors.

When was the last assessment and is one planned?

The last assessment was in 1999 when we proactively dredged the harbor because of very low water levels. We have repaved a portion of the parking lot, added patio furniture and a fire pit and installed new pool fence and landscaping in the last several years, all from cash reserves.

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